Out of Time Concepts #1: UFO Casino


We’ve discussed many things on our radio show having looked at what would make the best moon base, how we would make our UFO look and how we would film the perfect UFO movie. Here we discuss our concept of how a casino would look if it were not of this planet. Now this question was posed to us by one of our listeners during the O.O.T show August 21st. Given how insane the suggestion was that alien life would even gamble, we figured there could be an element of fun to this.

Rules for the Casino Concept

With the belief aliens have a higher power or sense of telepathy, we immediately had to come up with a device the aliens would wear so they are not able to cheat their way through any of the games that were played.

So, for the purpose of this concept, all members of the UFO Casino must wear a telepathy neutralizer so’s not to cheat, and any space weapons must be checked in at the door of the casino.

Casino Name: UFO Casino

We didn’t want to overthink the name of this too much otherwise none of the concepts of the casino would have been made. Other name options included Death Star Casino, The Nebula and Moon Base Hotel and Casino. Anyway, to avoid arguing we kept it simple.

Features of the UFO Casino

Plenty of parking space, given these spaceships could be a mile long. At UFO Casino, you can reserve parking space to avoid disappointment. The Casino www.bestcasinoonlinenz.co.nz is a majestic building over 40 stories high, illuminated by bright lights with a novelty crashed UFO sticking out of it.

There are different areas to the casino depending on what entertainment you wish to receive at the casino. There is a bar area, a nightclub, dining and the casino itself is on the upper floors.

Games of the Casino

We figured if this was a casino on another planet then you wouldn’t find your usual mix of games like blackjack, poker, slots and roulette. So, we’ve come up with some extra-terrestrial alternatives.

Instead of blackjack, there would be a virtual game of BJ50:18221 (given the advancement of many different species congregating to play, numbers might be the simplest way of identifying games.)

During a game of BJ50:18221 customers of the casino www.1toponlinecasinosnz.co.nz has 5 virtual boxes. Inside these boxes would be a mix of interstellar currency, fake rewards and bonuses. The rules of the game would be to gamble or keep your box with others, you can buy other boxes, but all must have 5 boxes remaining. One box of all those on the table will have the jackpot prize, the winner is the one able to hold this box at the end.

Given the difficulty of inventing games, we just figured that some were stolen from Earth, so the rest are a mix of slot machines, craps and poker. Oh, and there is the Ros-wheel of Fortune.

The Ros-wheel of Fortune, straps human abductees to a giant spinning wheel, the rules are simple, place your bet on which abductee the wheel will stop at and you will keep the human to experiment on.

Now, it’s a bit morbid, but we have to accept that not all aliens out there are going to be after games that land real money prizes, some just might want to stick probes into the unwilling recipients.

_UFO Casino _https://www.1bestonlinecasino.co.nz/_ has no patent pending so you are free to steal this idea and build it yourself on your home planet, just leave us off the Ros-wheel of Fortune game. _