Out of Time: The Radio Talk Show That’s Out of this World

The truth is out there boys and girls and welcome to our blog, dedicated to our unique and loving radio show Out of Time. What does it discuss, well, it discusses all things extra-terrestrial. Here we keep the discussion alive through those radio waves that broadcast out into infinite space and tell those little green men “hey, we know you’re listening.”

Keep believing in the unbelievable

KT 909.FM and uploaded onto our podcast every Monday, Wednesday and all throughout the weekend. We discuss aliens, UFOs, mars anomalies, conspiracy theories and all the stuff we know is true and that the government is too scared to tell you are true.

At Out of Time Radio Show, we present guests from all fields in the scientific world, from believers to skeptics. We have a call-in section that will let you pose the biggest question on your lips to those that are in the know and heck, you can tell us about your experiences and thoughts on the subject matter of anything that is truly out of this world.

America’s newest and best UFO and Alien discussion has landed, and we want you to beam up our KT 909 FM channel to help be part of the show.

Hot Topics:

Anything Goes! Greys, Pilot Videos, Abductions, Roswell and Area 51, Fake News, Evidence, Life on Mars. If it’s happening, we’re discussing it.

The Team at Out of Time:

Myself, Tommy Fincher hosts the Radio show, 27, non-abductee and eye-witness to 5 unexplained phenomena out in Nevada, California and Ohio. I am supported by my producer/engineer and wingman, Paul ‘The Tuck’ Ravelli. Paul, 29, 2 eye-witness reports both in Washington and fulltime observer of NASA issued images of Mars, where he finds and points out the photoshopping taken place. Don’t worry if you can see what we are discussing on the show. Every bit of evidence and information is uploaded to this site to help you understand some of the stuff we will be discussing and have discussed during the live broadcast.

We set up Out of Time as a hobby and passion, we believe that there are far too many unexplained events and there has to come a point where the numbers add up to something that is beyond coincidence.

Are We Out of Time?

The policy of the show is to provide light entertainment, but we take our discussions seriously. If we discuss how the history of human civilization was manufactured by aliens from another time, then we sincerely believe this to be the case. If you agree or disagree with any points raised or views shared, then we encourage everyone to get involved, maybe we’re wrong, heck, if you have the answer, enlighten us to your point of view, but we only ask you keep it clean for the live show.

Join us at Out of Time Radio Show Live Mondays, Wednesdays and all Weekend. Podcasts are uploaded on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Now, we’re out of time folks, keep on believing in the unbelievable and we’ll catch you on our show. Peace Out.